About Lady Rose's

 Lady Rose's Edwardian Tea Room is a peaceful and genteel tea room situated on street level in the old Co-Op Department store opposite the magnificent neo-Georgian County Library on Free School Lane in Lincoln.
We provide quality tea and coffee, cakes and light meals at an affordable price and have tried to create an ambiance and warmth in opposition to the rush of modern life.
As Mr and Mrs Gearing, butler and maid to Lady Rose, tea is served in as close to the same way as in the great houses of the Edwardian era (1901—1914) and is inspired by the TV series Downton Abbey and Upstairs, Downstairs.
Creating and experiencing loveliness is what Lady Rose is all about; the beautiful piano music (a gift from the resident pianist at The Ritz in London), the furnishings and the spirit of the tea party is, at least in part, the spirit of beauty. People grow and flourish when they are able to respond to the beauty around them, and Lady Rose was able to create her own form of beauty by preparing a place for tea. There is an art to placing cakes and sandwiches on a platter, polishing the silver until it gleams, pouring the tea for every individual customer that comes through Lady Roses tea room. We love to serve you and for you to enjoy the experience that has been created for you.


Although we are fond of children, this is not an appropriate place for toddlers, prams and pushchairs due to the fragility of the furnishings and crockery. Many of our pieces are genuine antiques, and require care when used. We also do not have the facilities to cater for very young children.
As a result, we have had to implement an exclusion policy for children under the age of six, so please bear this in mind when planning a visit.