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Keeping On.

Macao was enough of a success to continue on with my touring of the far east and having visited Lord Lipton's tea gardens in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) I made a little detour to Kenya. You do meet some marvellously interesting people when travelling including one lovely gentleman, who's name escapes me, who developed the variety of coffee served at my tearoom. I had a lovely time sitting on the veranda sipping gin and tonic, watching the drama of the African sunset and sampling the pleasures of colonial life.

I have since moved on to the heady delights of Zanzibar! So exotic and exciting with the scent of spices filling the air everywhere. The sea is crystal clear and the sands wonderfully white not at all like that rather awkward trip to Mabletherpe with James. I must confess that it was a shocking pleasure to slip off my stockings and wriggle my toes in the sand and paddle in the warm waters. At the hotel I received news of the Gearing's continued success at Lady Rose's in particular their Titanic Afternoon Tea where I hear Gearing excelled himself with such culinary marvels as Smoked Salmon and Quails Eggs Baskets, Ginger Cheesecake and Gin and Tonic Cheesecake. I do hope he will be able to replicate them for me when I return to England.

I do keep abreast of the political goings on in England and in particular my sisters in arms, the Suffragette movement. It would please me enormously if the Gearings would show their support by holding an anniversary celebration.

I am now packing for the next stage of my journey back across the sea to India.


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