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This is not the end ....

The sad news is that we are in the process of closing down our Free School Lane tea room ... it's been a very difficult year for Mr and Mrs Gearing, as it has for so many small businesses, and we had to take the decision to end our tenure at the end of 2020 with no clear idea of where 2021 was going ... either nationally or personally.

Mr Gearing's health has deteriorated to the point where six days a week at the tea room is beyond him and he needs Mrs Gearing to help to manage .... any reduction of opening hours is not viable in business terms.

But ... we will be continuing to offer our highly rated afternoon tea as a take away option from the end of June, once we have handed back the keys, and are in the process of negotiations with two other locations to continue with our events and/or have a space for three days to continue to offer our service and food ...

Nothing stays the same and Lady Rose's will have to change at least in appearance ... but it will still be worth visiting so stay tuned for updates when we have something more solid to tell you all.

In the meantime we'd like to thank all our customers for their incredible support and well wishes through 2020/21.

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